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If I were to play a D20 Modern mini-campaign set on Coreline (forum still undetermined), which would you be interested in playing? 

3 deviants said Critical Depth, Infinite Horror (Players vs. the whole city of Rapture, Columbia and beyond).
2 deviants said Day Of The Jurassic Freaks (Zombie dinosaurs! Genetic hybrids combination with Xenomorphs, Graboids and other Fiction beasts! Witness the horrors people can do when they think they can make dinosaurs DEADLIER!)
2 deviants said ...Can't Hear You Scream (Halloween-themed mini-campaign. Xenomorph Aliens galore, oh, my! And maybe Predators, too!).
2 deviants said Mars, Venus And Other Evils (Pulp-style adventures on Mars and Venus).
1 deviant said Down The Mean Streets Of Maine (Players vs. King and Lovecraft horrors).
1 deviant said Other Ideas (if you wanna toss any).
No deviants said Illegal Residence Of Evil (Players vs. Umbrella Corporation).
No deviants said Brave New Death (Players vs. Slashers (like Jason Voorhees, Freddy, etc).



Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 11:39 PM

Art Status




  • Sketches - 1$

  • Lineart - 5$

  • Colored - 10$

  • With BG - 20$

Before going ahead, I thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday. There were some issues, but those wishes did (thankfully) become true.

Not much happened, really: dinner at Johnny Rocket's with my family, some clothes. Anything else I will need to procure for myself afterwards (well, somehow). Not really looking for much-probably a couple of graphic novels.


On that end, the time has come to start a new Challenge Jam for the Coreline setting.

-"NO HOLDS BARRED": Deadline is Midnight, September 30th. This Challenge is simple: the story needs to include a "no holds barred" fight sequence between two or more characters. Absolutely no restrictions-fanservice, roughness, characters walking away with a lot of broken bones or even fatalities ("Disney" or otherwise) is allowed.

Could just be a misunderstanding or a spar that went way too much out of hand, could be the characters being part of any of the various fighting tournaments around the world/galaxy/multiverse, could be a mission that ends with he characters exchanging fisticuffs with the bad guy in a very climactic fashion... could be anything. The Core Timeline provides for all kinds of situations.

As usual, the winners will obtain the following:
-FIRST PRIZE: Three art requests.
-SECOND PRIZE: Two art requests.
-THIRD PRIZE: One art request.

Good hunting, gentlemen.

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September the Second, 2015.

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 2:11 AM
This is the day which, come 8:30 in the morning, I am officially 30 years old.

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked", Caged Elephant.
  • Reading: D20 Modern, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
  • Watching: Training Videos.
  • Playing: BORDERLANDS!!!
  • Eating: Bread with Sour Cream.
  • Drinking: Coffee
OK, basing myself on the idea/"Homework" of WhisakedJak for writing locations to be used by characters, here we go...


*Official name is "Secondary Depot Number 46", its nickname is "The Bookstore". Its assigned duty is to be a repository for information and equipment (and also, due to the nature of its information, can also provide rest and relaxation to personnel).

*Information has always been power, and on Coreline this information now includes stuff such as anything fictional (as a reference). The place holds many copies (both hard and digital) of books, comics (and manga), music (and audio shows), and movies (both regular entertainment pictures, episodes of shows, and training movies).

*Its cover is that of a warehouse for an online-only used bookstore, "Kane and Associates", and the false identity to which the store is registered to (a man called Roger Grant Kane) is an "eccentric comic book geek with a lot of money and some survivalist weekend warrior tendencies"  (justifying the appearance of Fictions coming in and out of the building alongside all of the gear, to not mention the fortification of the place).

*The address of the building is 1539 East 53rd Street, Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois.

*The building used to be a clothing store "Akira Women's Clothing"), but the store was abandoned during The Vanishing and was purchased secretly by Stingray Industries.

*The building is a two-story-high block of gunmetal-gray concrete with every window covered with metallic shutters and a number of antennas on the rooftop (including satellite and radio-"Kane"'s eccentricities includes such things as having a HAM Radio license). The sign for the bookstore is placed where the "Akira" sign was before.

*The building has been rebuilt from the inside out ("upgraded") with a shell of Mega-Damage-Class Ferroconcrete and various layers of MDC plating. As well, the structure has been lengthtened (taking the space of the rear parking lot and loading bay), and an underground bunker has been added. Multiple sensors of various types, as well as defensive weapons, are concealed throughout the whole structure and the surrounding perimeter.

*Technology base within the building is mix-and-match, mostly modern-day/future and 1950's (Fallout-verse) technology, all of it custom-modified.

*The Bookstore's above-ground floors are disposed as such:
->LOWER FLOOR: Equipment storage, media storage, HAL-9000 CPU (with encrypted link to Stingray Industries Intranet), Primary CPU for Cover Business (with Industrial-class firewalled independent connection to Internet), motor pool.
->UPPER FLOOR: Equipment storage, living quarters for the Depot's Keeper (kitchen, bedroom, personal computer terminal, bathroom), Secondary CPU for HAL-9000, communications room, living quarters for guests (bunks, small bathroom), living room/R&R "break" room, secondary workshop.

* The HAL-9000 computer is the Bookstore's "Administrative Arificial Intelligence", and has been severely modified to increase its/"his" processing power to higher standards, fulfill new functions such as the administration of a bookstore (with add-ons such as 3D printers) and the addition of subroutines to deal with stuff such as constantly having to conceal information to maintain the Depot's cover. Terminals are all over the building, and he can see and communicate anywhere inside it.

*The bunker underneath the Bookstore is a top-of-the-line model custom-designed by Washu Hakubi and has a stand-alone reactor and life-support system which it can share with the Bookstore in a moment (while the Bookstore's secondary generator and life support are of a more conventional emergency rating, the bunker's are rated for Generation Ships-they can last for centuries or even MILLENNIA, depending on usage and maintenance).

*The bunker's facilities include backups of the Bookstore's media (digital only-Bookstore has some "hard copy" books and comics), gym, living quarters, equipment storage, primary workshop (for engineering and weaponsmithing), small firing range, secondary communications room and tertiary CPU for HAL.

*Vehicles on the Motor Pool include a Wayne Industries/Lamborghini SV-3 "Tumbler" (part of the "Kane" covert identity-a replica of the "Tumbler" with more "rich boy gadgets" and no weapons, it has since been modified to be fully armed and back to combat standards), a Dodge Charger (with minor armor, motor augmentations and communications array), a Ford F-150 (with similar modifications, covered bed) and a snowmobile (for moving around in winter). Motor pool also has minor repair facilities, supporting the workshops, and fuel reserves.

*Procedure is that Administrative A.I. takes care of facility while the Keeper provides additional oversight, security and maintenance roles. HAL has a number of small drones (chief among them a highly modified "Claptrap"-Class robot) for use as manual labor, when necessary.

*"The Bookstore"s Keeper is Roger Hackett (assigned here by SSS, used to live at the SSS living quarters at Stingray HQ). Recently moved. And as such, some additional equipment needed for his systems' maintenance is strewn throughout the compound.

*Because of various factors (including not really owning much to start, recent arrival and being out of his "home" on many missions) the place is pretty spartan, with only a bunch of books that Hackett likes and some DIY projects (electronic and mechanical, which he picked out of curiosity and also to build dexterity) piled around the building (and some personal favorites in food on the pantry) to show it's lived in. There are also a few notebooks full to the brim with notes (like records of what he did with the projects and some personal writings) over on his room's desk.

*Hackett likes to hear stuff and watch stuff while he is reading and performing actions, so very occasionally a terminal near him will be playing music or a film of some kind (he prefers classic movies-any kind of "old" movie, with some leaning to sci-fi and action-adventure. More often than not he is not actually watching the film-it is just running on the background for him to listen to the sound).

*Other members of Stingray Industries have arrived to the Bookstore for various reasons, but the only ones who stay for any significant period of time (for now) are the members of Assault Team Seven ("The Watchers") and some members of The Champions ("Valkyrie" Sohryu, Nadia "The Illinois Submariner", "Wonder Girl" Rei and "Airstrike" Vincent).

*Most used spot for resting is the R&R Room, with its reclinable chairs and sofa. Most folks crash while watching a film or reading, and Roger goes into maintenance mode either here or on other spots of the building where he could ambush intruders (think "Leon: The Professional").

*In the end, it's pretty much still a largely unpainted canvas.
CORELINE: Notes On Location-'The Bookstore'.
(Bit of inspirational music:…)

Inspired by WhisakedJak and one of the "homework" ideas he placed for the Angel-FallsDA shared writing group:
Heroic Writing, part 39: Writing PlacesOkay, first a disclaimer- it’s been a long week. It’s been good- I got to visit with :iconLady-Quantum: and her family on my way home from Michigan, and while I was there, she taught me how to make effective use of iRay; I think, had I had more than just a couple days, I could have learned a great deal more, in fact, but, sadly, my schedule did not permit. For those of you unfamiliar with the distances involved, the drive from Michigan to Oklahoma is long; the drive from Oklahoma to Nevada is longer and, as a result, I was pretty thoroughly knackered when I got in, so you have my sincere apologies if this entry is a little bit shorter than usual.
With the disclaimer out of the way, I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a little while, and that is the voiceless characters that help to characterize fiction in general, but especially superheroic fiction- persistent locations. On one level, all of :iconAngel-Fallsda: falls into thi

I decided to write some notes on one of the locations which (I hope) to showcase more on the "Coreline" stories (and some notes on one of the characters which uses it a lot, as well as a bit of procedure S.I. has for similar locations): "The Bookstore", which featured on the story "Blizzards and Bookstores":
(TIMELINE NOTE: The story happens a long time before the Gideon020 “Eraser” story).
*OWNER: Stingray Industries.
*PRINCIPLE CARGO TYPE: Documents/Equipment/Rest And Relaxation.
*LOCATION: 1539 East 53rd Street, Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois.
+1 Administrative Artificial Intelligence (responsible for running all automated functions).
+1 Keeper (responsible for site maintenance and security).
+Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer (HAL) 9000 (Processor modified by Hakubi Customs. Administrative A.I.)
+Lieutenant Roger Nathan Hackett (Executive Officer, Stingray Security Services Assault Team Seven. Assigned Keeper).
It was a night in December that called to mind the bleakness of winter rather than approach of the holidays. Snow fell inces

The location The Bookstore is placed on is this particular store:… . Used to be a "Borders" bookstore was located there, and I started with the idea of an abandoned bookstore being the "base" of The Watchers (yeah, I am a really big fan of "Person Of Interest"), so I thought that it was cool. The Borders building was demolished and the Akira store was built over it, so I thought of the Akira store being abandoned and the Bookstore recycling the building.

As for inspiration of the location, it would be this primarily:
-The abandoned New York Public Library used from Season 1 through 3 of "Person Of Interest":…
-Warehouse 13 (especially Artie's office):…
-The Men of Letters Bunker of "Supernatural":…
-"The Swan" DHARMA Initiative Station, from "Lost":…
-Lex Luthor's abandoned subway station home, "Superman: The Movie"
-"Main Mission", "Space: 1999":…
“An abandoned Play-Doh factory,” she muttered to herself as she walked silently through the site of her latest task, hopefully the last one she’d have to perform in order to finish her assignment. A Langford Labs Chemical Thrower was slung over her back. “I know that Batman rogues and their amalgams prefer hideouts that match their ‘themes’ but this just silly.”

She mentally shrugged to herself, already working on her strategy for after she’d dealt with her target inside. Framing someone for murder involved walking a very fine line, especially when the person you were attempting to frame was a very highly trained super soldier. Leave too much incriminating evidence and it looked suspicious. Leave too little and people weren’t sure where to point the finger.

/It doesn’t help that nobody’s around to witness this./ She thought. /Shit, this is even worse than with Bane. I’ll have to set the place on fire or something to make sure people come to investigate./

Shoving all thoughts of what to do later aside, she crept through the dusty hallways and silent production lines of the old plant, careful not to make a sound. With all her preparations ready, it was time to actually move on her target. She had scouted the place out earlier, and so knew exactly where to find her quarry.

Moving as stealthily as possible, she approached the largest production floor. Roughly in the center of the area that had once bustled with people making colorful, non-toxic clay for children to play with, she soon found a young man working at an enormous vat filled with brownish goop.

Overall, he wasn’t a particularly extraordinary individual; with dark hair, a slim build, and unremarkable clothes, he probably could’ve melted into a crowd in two seconds flat.

Except for one thing.

Where normal arms and legs should’ve been were too long, asymmetrical limbs made of brownish sludge that she knew at once was clay. Only with the extra height and reach was he able to stir the contents of the vat with what appeared to be the world’s largest wooden spoon.

Silently observing her target, she briefly allowed herself to wonder what he was doing. If she walked away now and didn’t return, would this young man add all that to his body and become a giant?

No point in speculating. It wasn’t going to happen, whatever it was exactly.

“Clayface Shinji,” she called out to him, taking the Chemical Thrower in hand, ready on the trigger. “I’d hoped I’d find you here. Getting ready for an Independence Day bash?”

She emerged from her hiding spot as she said this. Even in the muted light filtering through dirty windows, her red, white, and blue battle suit seemed practically luminescent. The colors were that much brighter than anything else in the area.

Her target looked up, releasing the wooden pole. Arms and legs returned to more regular proportions, simultaneously reverting to a normal appearance, leaving nothing to distinguish him as different from any ordinary human.

“You,” he breathed.

“That’s right: me,” she grinned. “I’m aware that you and the rest of your companions are probably planning something for when I’m awarded my key to the city on the Fourth, and I decided I’d rather deal with you assholes now than during my big day.”

Clayface Shinji’s eyes narrowed. “You’re not Captain America,” he said.

She forced her grin to widen, even as she felt a prick of anxiety. He sounded just a little too confident about that.

“Sure I’m not,” she said sarcastically, slowly drawing nearer to him.

A few more feet, and he’d be in range of the Chemical Thrower.

“You’re not,” the clay creature repeated, sounding just as certain as before. “And you know what else?”

She decided to play along. Best to keep him talking until she was close enough to turn him into a fudgsicle. “What?” she asked.

“I’m not Clayface Shinji.”

Before she could respond, the young man’s form began to writhe and change, transforming into an amorphous lump of clay. Seconds later, it resumed human form, but not the same one from a moment ago.

Instead, he was now a *she*. The young woman who had taken Clayface Shinji’s place looked to be in her mid teens or so, and had dark brown hair and a slender build. A domino mask concealed her eyes and part of her face, and she wore a costume similar in design to a typical Robin alt, but all in varying shades of brown. The only splash of color was the letters “CG” on her right breast in bright yellow.


“The name’s Annie,” she said. “But you can address me as Clay Girl.”

“Whoever you are, you’re caught.” A new voice called from nearby. “No more killing, and no more trying to ruin Captain Makinami’s good name.”

“Now why don’t you put the scary looking weapon down and come quietly?”

She turned toward the source of the new voice just enough to see two people emerge from the shadows. Two of the Indianapolis Champions, she realized at once.

/This whole thing was a trap!/ She thought, cursing her stupidity even as her mind worked at overdrive, trying to figure out how to salvage the situation.

If she could kill all of them, she could turn it to her advantage, make it look like Captain America had murdered three people here, two of them heroes. She moved to fire the Chemical Thrower, hoping she could catch at least one of them with a blast of liquid nitrogen.

Before she could, however, something went sailing through the dusty air of the old factory, bouncing off numerous objects with a series of loud clangs. She realized what it was an instant too late, and the red, white, and blue round shield hit one of the Chemical Thrower’s tanks hard enough to make a hole in it before it bounced away.

“Shit!” she cursed, tearing off the weapon and the tanks she’d had on her back and hurling them across the room.

It was none too soon; before the thing even hit the ground, the tank containing the electric gel burst, spraying tongues of lightning in all directions.

“No more killing for you,” Captain Mari Illustrious Makinami said, appearing from the shadows like a ghost, an effect heightened by the way she was hovering well above the floor.

The super soldier’s still moving shield struck an old piece of equipment and went flying back to her. She caught it easily and returned it to its place on her arm.

“*Especially* not while pretending to be me!” she added.


“What are you doing here, Captain?” Turnot asked the real super soldier, doing his best not to show how shocked he was by her abrupt appearance.

“I’m here to stop the bitch who’s been trying to pin her crimes on me,” Mari replied.

“We’ve got that covered, in case you didn’t notice,” Karin retorted.

“You’ve done a great job of corralling her here,” Mari agreed. “But I know this knockoff here has at least some of my moves, and I can be a handful for even your big guns. Trust me, I proved it the other day back in Chicago.”

This could be very bad, Turnot realized. With the true Captain Makinami here, it would be that much easier for the false one to frame her for a crime, if things really went south.

/We’d better make sure things don’t go south, then./ He thought.

“You know,” the fake super soldier addressed the real one, “I really should be upset that you’re here. It’s not exactly part of my plan, after all. But I’m not. I think I’m going to enjoy the next few minutes.”

“I bet you do,” Captain Makinami said, eyes narrowing. “Before we get down to business, who are you?”

The phony super soldier smirked. “And why should I tell you that?”

Captain Makinami shrugged. “In order to salvage this situation, you pretty much have to kill us all,” she pointed out. “So if you win, we’ll be dead and won’t be able to tell anyone. And if we win, I’ll get it out of you anyway. No reason not to gloat now.”

Turnot’s eyes widened slightly. He couldn’t find a flaw in the super soldier’s logic, but to hear her lay out the matter of life and death in such a matter-of-fact tone was a bit disturbing.

Still, he had to admit appealing to a super villain’s desire to brag  like that was a very slick move.

“Well, when you put it that way, why not?” the duplicate Captain America said, reaching down and pressing a button on her belt.

Instantly, her outfit began to change. Red, white, and blue became black, white, and light brown. The belt and boots shifted form. A white cloak appeared where there hadn’t been one before, and even the shield she carried changed, the star in the center transforming into a large letter “T”.

“Taskmaster?!” Captain Makinami exclaimed. “There’s already a Deadpool alt of me, and now I have to deal with a *Taskmaster*, too?!”

“Indeed,” Taskmaster Mari smirked. “The Bloody Tasks Academy sends its regards.”

“Bloody Tasks Academy?” Turnot asked.

Captain Makinami replied before Taskmaster Mari could. “An alt of Brother Blood and a regular Taskmaster decided to merge their super villain schools a while ago, so they could better compete with HenchCo,” she explained.

“But the good Captain and her friend Thunderstrike stumbled upon their new campus and thoroughly wrecked the place,” Taskmaster Mari added with a scowl.

“So, this is all about revenge, then?” Captain Makinami scowled. “Brother Blood and Tony Masters sent you to get back at me?”

“And to hopefully end a new group of Avengers before it truly begins, if the rumors about that are true,” Taskmaster Mari agreed. “Though I have to say I’m looking forward to ruining you on a more personal level.”

“And why is that?” Captain Makinami demanded.

“Your ability to copy other people’s techniques after seeing them only once really isn’t a traditional ability of Captain America alts,” the other Mari pointed out. “It’s more of a Taskmaster thing, really.”

“You tried to frame me for murder, and now you’re going to try to kill me, because you’re mad I stole your shtick?” Captain Makinami asked in disbelief.

“No. The issue of…professional pride just means I’m going to *enjoy* killing you and making sure people believe you’re a murderer,” Taskmaster Mari retorted. “I’m doing it because it’s my final assignment at the academy.”

“Yeah, well, I hope you’re ready to get a big, fat ‘F’,” Captain Makinami scowled.

“I don’t think so,” Taskmaster Mari said, pressing the lone button on the tiny remote she’d withdrawn from her belt while deactivating her elaborate disguise.


A series of small explosions tore through the abandoned factory, causing the old structure to shift and creak ominously. For a moment, Turnot thought the whole thing was going to come down.

One final blast tore open a long forgotten tank full of some chemical or another, which went spilling across the production floor in a small tidal wave. Clay Girl let out a small yelp as it washed over her feet and began to dissolve her form.

Turnot was moving before he’d even fully processed the situation, grabbing the young woman and lifting her off the ground and away from danger. Knowing he had to get her to safety, he sped off with her in his arms. He hated to leave, even if only for a few moments, but Clay Girl was hurt and the area was flooded; she would only be a liability now.

Captain Makinami fired a blast of ki at her doppelganger just as he was leaving, but the fake super soldier almost casually deflected the ball of light with her own shield, sending it flying upwards. It struck the ceiling and exploded, causing the already unstable structure to shake and rumble menacingly.

“Damn it!” Karin hissed, flying toward the latest damage to try to hold the place together and hopefully perform a quick and dirty patch job.

Which, Turnot realized as he picked up speed, meant that left only Captain Makinami to deal with her former doppleganger.


“Well, it looks like it’s just you and me now, good-looking,” Captain Makinami said, her feet touching down lightly on the wet floor a good distance away from her duplicate.

Taskmaster Mari chuckled. The sound had more malice than joy in it. “Indeed,” she said. “Can’t say I’m disappointed.”

“Same here,” Captain Makinami replied as her fist rushed toward Taskmaster Mari’s head.

The villain blocked the blow with her forearm and retaliated with a kick, which Captain Makinami deflected just as easily.

For several moments, the two young women—mirror images of one another save for what they wore—traded blows in this fashion. They struck with a fraction of the force they were capable of, testing and probing rather than trying to truly harm the other just yet.

Taskmaster Mari’s confidence seemed to grow as the two felt one another out. “You can’t win, you know,” she finally boasted.

“Oh, really?” Captain Makinami asked as she unleashed a sweeping kick, intending to sweep her foe’s legs out from under her. She moved with blazing speed; it was her first true attack.

Taskmaster Mari easily jumped over the super soldier’s leg and retaliated with a kick of her own on her way back to the ground. Her foot clipped Captain Makinami’s shoulder, sending her staggering.

“The academy’s surveillance of you was *very* extensive!” Taskmaster Mari yelled, a feral grin on her face. “I know what you’re going to do next before you do! I know *all* your moves!”

She unleashed a flurry of blows as she said this, and Captain Makinami was just barely able to regain her balance in time to block them.

She was about to retort that Taskmaster Mari couldn’t possibly have learned all her techniques properly from just watching videos of her in action, that it took a lot of time and practice to properly adapt such moves to your own body. Just blindly copycatting didn’t work.

Then she realized that the person she was dealing with exactly her height, had exactly the same reach as she did, the same bodily proportions. In this one case, blindly copycatting pretty much *would* work.

“You sure you really know all of them?” the super soldier asked instead. “I know a lot of moves, and a lot of them I only use when I really need them.” She added, her feet suddenly leaving the ground.

Taskmaster Mari quickly rose off the floor before the red, white, and blue clad heroine could attempt an aerial assault. Captain Makinami squelched her rising frustration; she wished she could use ki blasts or some of her magic attacks, but she didn’t dare risk it. The building was already too close to collapsing as it was.

“You do have quite the arsenal of techniques!” Taskmaster Mari shouted.

“Thanks, I try!” the super soldier replied.

Now no longer constrained by the ground, the pair was trading punches and kicks at dizzying speed, their limbs reduced to blurs. To Captain Makinami’s displeasure, the malicious alt of her seemed to be almost as strong as she was. She was just as fast, too, or maybe there was actually something to her boast about being able to predict her actions in advance.

“So, how much have you forgotten so far?” Taskmaster Mari asked, never letting up her assaults or failing to block one of her foe’s strikes.

“What?” Captain Makinami asked, frowning.

“How much have you forgotten?” the malevolent alt of her repeated. “Don’t play dumb. I know the trade off that comes from having the ability to instantly memorize any technique or fighting style just from seeing it once.”

“I’m not like you,” Captain Makinami scowled. “I don’t forget things.”

Taskmaster Mari snorted. “You think your brain has infinite capacity?” she asked. “Just because you haven’t reached the limits of how much you can retain yet, it doesn’t mean none exists. Keep gaining new moves, new ways of fighting, and pretty soon you realize you’re losing other things. Your father’s face, your best friend’s name, your first kiss. None of it is safe.”

“Enough!” Captain Makinami growled. It was time to end this. “Kaio-ken!”

An aura of crimson light flared around her as she used the technique invented by King Kai, multiply her strength and speed. The world around her almost seemed to leap out at the super soldier as her already sharp eyesight and hearing also improved dramatically.

“Kaio-ken!” Taskmaster Mari shouted, a matching scarlet glow enveloping her body as well. When Captain Makinami renewed her assault, she was up to the job of meeting it. “I told you, I know every move that you do!”

“Damn you!” Captain Makinami swore, attacking with everything she had, wanting to get momentum behind her before she had to cease using the kaio-ken.

“Of course, just because I can do everything you can, it doesn’t mean you can do everything *I* can!” Taskmaster Mari shouted, a twisted, triumphant grin on her face.

A green orb embedded in her glove started to glow brightly. Captain Makinami hadn’t noticed it until that moment.

/Materia./ The super soldier thought, eyes widening.

“Haste,” Taskmaster Mari smirked as emerald light flared around her, briefly mingling with the crimson glow of the kaio-ken.

Captain Makinami knew immediately that she was in trouble. “Kaio-ken times—!”

She never got any further. Taskmaster Mari lashed out, the speed increases of the Haste spell and the kaio-ken combining to make her too fast for even the super soldier to block. One blow slammed into the center of the super soldier’s face, accompanied by a meaty crack. Captain Makinami felt something warm and wet on her upper lip and smelled the distinct odor of blood. Her nose was broken.

Then Taskmaster Mari’s fist slammed into Captain Makinami’s abdomen with *incredible* strength and speed, forcing the wind from the super soldier’s lungs and nearly doubling her over.

Before she could recover, Taskmaster Mari struck her in the back with a fierce kick. The scarlet halo of the kaio-ken vanished from around the super soldier’s body, and she went straight downwards, crashing face first into the concrete floor.

“Ugh…” she groaned, seeing stars.

There was a splashing noise from in front of her, which she realized was Taskmaster Mari returning to the still wet floor. With a Herculean effort, the super soldier forced herself to her feet, assuming a ready stance.

It did no good. With the combined effects of the kaio-ken and the Haste spell still boosting her abilities, Taskmaster Mari had no trouble penetrating Captain Makinami’s defenses. With surgical precision, she administered a series of light jabs to the areas around Captain Makinami’s major joints.

The super soldier’s muscles suddenly went slack, and she collapsed limply to the ground, barely able to raise her head to regard her foe.

/Pressure point assault./ She thought. /Damn it./

Taskmaster Mari sneered down at the immobilized heroine, the light of her own kaio-ken finally fading. “Heh, if I sweet talk my instructor just right, I might actually get extra credit for this,” she said as she held out a hand, palm downward, a ball of ki began to form beneath it, ready to blast Captain Makinami.

“Stop it right there, psycho!” a voice came from above.

Taskmaster Mari huffed in annoyance. “I’ll be right back,” she told the super soldier. “Lemme borrow this.” She added, grabbing Captain Makinami’s shield and replacing her own with it.

“Stay away from her, you,” Karin ordered as she landed softly on the ground, a few yards away from the two Mari’s.

“No, get away,” Captain Makinami managed to groan out. She could barely speak.

If this alt of her really did know *all* her moves, then this Power Girl would be in for a world of hurt.

Unfortunately, both of the other two women in the room ignored her.

“I’m afraid I have to kill her, and you,” Taskmaster Mari said. “Your boyfriend and that clay girl, too. Nothing personal, you understand. It’s just my assignment. The blame for everything has to fall on her.” She hooked a thumb toward the super soldier. “I’ll be making it look like you all killed each other.”

She said all this as though she was discussing the weather.

“I won’t allow that,” Karin said flatly. “Not any of it.”

Taskmaster Mari chuckled. “You can’t stop me.”

Then she surged forward, the Haste spell still adding to her own natural speed.

“No!” Captain Makinami gasped out, as she watched Taskmaster Mari unleash the same combination of the Satsu and the Spitting White Snake techniques that she herself had recently utilized to drain the yellow sun energy straight from Superman Gamma’s body.

The strike connected, quickly shredding a portion of Karin’s white leotard.

Otherwise, however, it didn’t seem to be working the way it was meant to.

“I don’t think so!” Karin shouted, unleashing a fierce punch with a considerable portion of her awesome might behind it.

“Ooph!” Taskmaster Mari gasped as she went sent flying backwards, landing well behind Captain Makinami.

“What?” the super soldier wondered, her voice barely above a whisper. She couldn’t fathom how Karin had managed to just shrug off that attack.

Taskmaster Mari was equally confounded, by the sound of it.

“H-How did you do that?!” she demanded as she scrambled to her feet.

“She has her ways,” Turnot said from behind her, rejoining the conflict at last.

Captain Makinami winced, aware of the opportunity the Saiyan had just provided their mutual enemy.

Taskmaster Mari was, too. Without wasting time on a witty quip or harsh insult, she lunged at Turnot, managing to get behind him before he reacted. With a cry of triumph, she wrapped both hands around his long, furry tail, squeezing the appendage for all she was worth.

“Now,” she said, facing Karin with a smirk. “You’re going to do what I say, or else your boyfriend—!”

She was cut off by Turnot’s elbow slamming into her face with enough force to send her flying for a second time. Taskmaster Mari kept going until she crashed into a far wall, then flopped down to the floor with a groan.

It took her only a moment to get to her feet again, but in that moment, Karin and Turnot had crossed the distance between them and her. Not giving her a chance to attack again, the two unleashed a storm of punches and kicks upon their foe, who in spite of all her techniques and conditioning was still much weaker than they were.

In only a few seconds, it was over. Taskmaster Mari was beaten black and blue, and rendered completely unconscious. She’d probably stay that way for the better part of a week if left to her own devices.

Even so, the two Champions quickly tracked down a length of rope and hog tied the battered super villain. Captain Makinami couldn’t say she disapproved.

Karin lifted up Taskmaster Mari, while Turnot went over to the mostly motionless super soldier. “We shouldn’t stay in here any longer than necessary. This place could collapse at any time,” he said apologetically as he scooped her into his arms.

“Got it,” Captain Makinami managed to get out.

In moments, the two were outside the dangerously unstable building, relocating to what remained of the factory’s parking lot, which was well on its way to becoming a grassy field. Clay Girl was waiting out there for them there, sitting on an old metal drum.

“You’re back!” she exclaimed. “Oh, but she’s hurt!” she added, looking at Captain Makinami.

“Nothing we can’t fix,” Turnot said, gently placing the super soldier down on the ground. Once his hands were free, he reached into his belt and pulled out a small pouch, from which he withdrew a small bean. “Here, eat this.” He said to Captain Makinami, placing it in her mouth.

The super soldier eagerly chewed and swallowed the mystical senzu bean. The moment it was in her stomach, her body briefly bulged, as though her muscles were flexing all at once, and then the pain she had been enduring was gone. She could suddenly move once more.

“Oh, wow, thanks,” she said, easily springing to her feet.

“No problem,” Turnot said, smiling amicably. “Uh, you’ve got a little…over here.” He touched his own upper lip with one hand, producing a handkerchief and offering it to her with the other.

“Thanks,” the super soldier said gratefully, accepting the proffered cloth and wiping away the blood from her previously broken nose.

“We’re happy we were able to help,” the Saiyan replied, still smiling, relieved that the whole situation had finally been resolved.

“So am I, though I don’t understand how you both managed it,” Captain Makinami said. “That attack Taskmaster me used on Power Girl…I developed it especially to drain Kryptonians of their energy.”

“I’m not actually a Kryptonian,” Karin said. “I’m human. I gained my powers when the Evangelion I was piloting ate most of the Angel of Might. My synch ratio was really high at the time. High enough for me to get changed along with my Evangelion, at least.”

“So she’s not vulnerable to kryptonite or red solar radiation,,” Turnot added. “And instead of having to rely on yellow sunlight, an S2 organ gives her all the juice she’ll ever need.”

Captain Makinami barely heard the Saiyan; she was too busy studying Karin and confirming what she’d suspected almost immediately. In the dark warehouse, she hadn’t really been certain; thanks to the way the “Kryptonian” wore her hair, and her Amazonian proportions, far taller and more muscular than even the super soldier herself. That she’d had bigger things to worry about also hadn’t helped.


“Another Mari Illustrious Makinami alt, yes,” Karin replied, looking amused that the solder soldier was only truly realizing it now. “I started styling myself as a Power Girl to make it easier to join a group. A lot of people don’t know what to think of some human who got powers because her giant robot ate a giant monster, but PG is a well known entity. And I changed my name to go with it, because, well, you know.”

Captain Makinami did know; she could all too easily remember how many times people had responded negatively to her because of the reputation her alts had.

She’d really rather not discuss that topic again, though.

“How about you?” she asked Turnot. “I thought Saiyans lose all their strength and become totally immobilized when someone grabs their tails.”

“Normally, yeah,” Turnot agreed. “But it’s possible for Saiyans to train themselves to overcome that, which I’ve done. That’s why it didn’t work on me.”

“Oh, I see,” Captain Makinami said, somewhat embarrassed. She hadn’t actually known Saiyans could do that. “Well, again, thank you all for what you’ve done. I would’ve been in a lot of trouble without you. And this crazy bitch here would still be on the loose.” She added, nudging Taskmaster Mari with her boot.

The super villain didn’t stir. She was really out.

“Hey, it’s our job,” Karin said with a shrug. “Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think it would be best for everybody if we all say you were never here.”

“Agreed,” Captain Makinami said at once. She didn’t want to think about what the response would be if everyone found out she’d left a shadow clone in her place at the Mansion. “I should get back.”

“And we should get her behind bars,” Karin said, scooping up Taskmaster Mari.

Captain Makinami gave Clay Girl a word of thanks as well, then said goodbye, preparing to leave. Hopefully she could get that Ferengi salesman to beam her back to Chicago with minimal cajoling and she could return to the Mansion without incident…

“Oh, Captain? One more thing,” Turnot said before they parted ways.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“I know most of the people around you haven’t been doing a lot to inspire confidence lately,” Turnot said. “But sometimes you just have to trust other people to do their jobs competently. I imagine that’s especially true for someone in your position.”

Captain Makinami gave him a look of mild surprise. Until he’d said that, she hadn’t for a moment suspected that the Indianapolis Champions might’ve been following events in Chicago as closely as they were.

“Forgive me for the presumption of giving you unsolicited advice, but I thought it should be said,” Turnot told her with a polite bow. “Good day, Captain.”

With that, he scooped up Clay Girl and took off, Karin right behind him with Taskmaster Mari slung unceremoniously over her back.

Captain Makinami watched them fly off for a second, then shook her head. She had a Mansion and a team to get back to.
“It was bad, and make no mistake about it,” Detective Max Greevey said. “I came out here to get away from the kind of crimes you run into in New York, but this was as gruesome as anything I ever saw in Manhattan.”

“Yes, from what I already heard so far, it was really terrible,” Karin replied, struggling to remain patient. “However, we’re going to need details.”

She wished Turnot hadn’t zipped off somewhere to contact somebody or another the moment they’d gotten the name of the victim. Despite his Saiyan heritage, her boyfriend had always been better about being polite and making nice with people. Her talents lay more in roughing people up until they talked.

The latest killing had brought them to a small suburb outside Fort Wayne. The two Champions hadn’t yet gotten the details of the crime, but by the looks of things, it had been big. The scene of the crime—a local bank—was cordoned off by what seemed like miles of yellow police tape. And if that wasn’t enough to dissuade someone, over a half dozen police cars were positioned in the bank’s parking lot, red and blue lights flashing, along with a big CSI truck.

Detective Greevey reached into a folder he was holding and handed Karin a photograph of a young woman. It was a mug shot, the superwoman realized at once, showing a scowling but still attractive woman wearing a red and black outfit that would’ve been appropriate for a jester in some medieval king’s court. Her long purple hair was done up in pigtails that were probably supposed to look girlish, but instead made her look like she was trying to appeal to certain fetishes Karin could name.

“Tatsuta ‘Harley’ Quinn,” Greevey said. “The killer’s intended target, by all indications.”

/Yeah, she could easily be mistaken for the Joker R Gang’s Shampoo, especially in the white face paint Harley Quinn alts tend to wear./ Karin mused.

“What exactly happened?” she asked. “Walk me through the crime, Detective.”

“At 10:32 this morning, this Tatsuta character walks into the establishment there,” he hooked a thumb toward the bank. “She’s wearing a trench coat, which she takes off once she’s inside the bank, revealing that she’s got half a dozen canisters of Joker toxin strapped to her.”

Karin winced. Joker toxin was extremely nasty stuff; one whiff of the chemical would cause someone to laugh uncontrollably until the resulting convulsions caused injury. Asphyxiation would follow soon after, the victim’s torment only coming to an end when they literally died laughing.

“She makes the usual demands,” Greevey continued. “Several million in unmarked bills or she breaks the canisters and poisons everybody in the building. Standard nut job bank robbery.”

“I’m guessing it didn’t finish that way,” Karin said.

“You guess correctly,” Greevey said. “While the tellers were filling up a sack with cash for her, somebody shot her with a sniper rifle from a rooftop across the street. Exploding round right to the head. Forensics people tell me it detonated about a millisecond after it penetrated the skull.”

Karin winced and did her best to stop herself from imagining what that must have looked like. She didn’t succeed.

“And what’s worse,” Greevey continued, “she had all those canisters of toxin hooked to a device to vent it all into the air, and that device was wired to a dead man’s switch. When she let go of the button…”

“How many?” Karin asked softly.

“Between the bank employees and the customers, eleven,” Greevey said. “No survivors.”

Karin grimaced. “That’s incredibly horrible,” she said. “Still, I’m not sure why you think this is related to the double murder in Indy this morning.”

The detective grunted, looking annoyed. “Just because the details of that are being kept from the reporters, it doesn’t mean we cops can’t get at it,” he said. “The second we entered our case into the computer system, the earlier murders were flagged as potentially related.”

“But why?” Karin pressed.

She knew that Tatsuta’s resemblance to a member of the Joker R Gang alone wouldn’t have caught an algorithm’s attention, no matter how sophisticated.

“Well, for one thing, an eye witness who was outside the bank at the time of the murder says she spotted someone in red, white, and blue on the roof of that building there,” he said, pointing to a structure across the street.

“Even assuming your witness is correct about that, it’s not like there’s any shortage of maniacs out there who like to drape themselves in the American flag,” Karin pointed out.

“True,” Greevey conceded. “But the CSI people managed to round up over 95% of the fragments from the bullet used to kill Quinn. That was enough for them to digitally reassemble it, with the computer filling in the blanks.”

He removed another picture from his folder and handed it to her. Unsurprisingly, it was an image of a bullet, enlarged to show details. More unexpectedly, several things had been scratched into the side of it.

Those things included the word “Shampoo”, “Happy 4th!”, and a little picture that looked a lot like a typical Captain America shield.

“Seems a little obvious, don’t you think?” she asked.

/Also, what kind of moron carves messages into the side of an *explosive* round?/ She added silently.

Greevey scowled. “Up until recently, a person could be confident that any message they wrote on an explosive round would be annihilated when it blew,” he said. “The technology we used to reconstruct the hundreds of shards is new.”


“Look,” the detective cut her off, “I know all about your theory that Captain Makinami’s being framed by somebody, and it could be true. I sure would like to think that the big hero of Chicago would never do this. But you know what? I don’t care. All the evidence points to her right now. So I’m not just gonna stand by and let these killings continue. Whatever’s going on, locking up Makinami will make them stop. So unless you give me a *very* good reason not to, I’m going to blow this cover up and bump the case up to the feds, who’ll arrest her.”

Knowing that she most certainly did not have the very good reason he wanted, Karin just stared silently at the man. She didn’t know what she wanted to do more: fly away or punch him in the jaw.

“We know how the killer’s been finding her targets.”

Karin didn’t jump, but she did tense up. Turnot had seemingly just appeared next to her out of thin air.

/Excellent timing, Turnie./ She thought.

“What?” Greevey asked sharply, turning his attention to the Saiyan.

“I’ve just spoken to our headquarters,” he explained. “We believe we know how the killer is choosing her targets, which means we should be able to catch her the next time she tries to strike, *if* she doesn’t stop because the person she’s trying to frame has been arrested.”

The cop glared at the young man, clearly not liking the idea much. The Champion met his gaze without flinching.

“One day,” Greevey finally said. “If you don’t catch the killer before then, I go to the feds, and Makinami gets locked up.”

“We understand,” Turnot nodded. “Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.”

Without waiting for the detective’s response, the Saiyan took to the air and began to fly away. Karin was only too glad to follow him.

She waited until they were well out of earshot of anyone on the ground before asking the burning question.

“Do we really know how the killer is finding her targets?”

Turnot nodded. “Yeah. Apparently our murderer is in as much of a rush as we are,” he said. “With a second victim, EVA was able to cross reference the two and figured it out. I’ll explain everything soon, but we have to get everything set up as soon as possible.”

Before Karin could ask what exactly they needed to set up, Turnot pulled out his communicator and was soon making a call.

“Bulma?” he spoke. “Yeah, sorry about the noise, we’re flying. Anyway, we managed to get the police to agree to give us a little more time.” He paused, listening to the commander. “Yes, that’s right. Look, we’ve got a plan, but I’ll need your help. Okay, first, we may have to monopolize EVA for a couple of hours. I’ve got a task for it that’s probably gonna take a lot of its resources. Second, can you contact the Teen Titans for us? We’re going to need a favor from them.”

As Turnot details what he wanted, Karin allowed herself a grin. Whatever he had in mind, it seemed like it was gonna be very interesting.


“What a day,” Mari muttered to herself as she ducked into one of the bathrooms in the Mansion, intent on snatching a brief moment to herself before going back to work.

The assistance of the super speedy members of the Champions continued to be invaluable, and she had enjoyed a nice chat that morning with Submariner R, but getting her team and the Champions to cooperate was no easier than it had been yesterday. To make matters worse, last night one of the Champions had stumbled upon a member of her own team doing things he shouldn’t, so now she had another headache to deal with, in addition to everything else.

“Ugh,” she muttered, walking up to a sink and turning on the water, splashing some of it on her face. “All this crap can’t be over with soon enough.”

She was about to return to the job of making sure the two teams present in the Mansion didn’t kill each other when her ID card began to make its familiar warbling noise. Removing it from her pocket, the super soldier only needed to study it for moment to discover who was calling her.

“And speaking of all this crap…” she muttered to herself as she hit the button to answer the call.

“Mari, there’s been another development in the matter you asked me to keep track of,” Tai said without preamble.

She groaned. “Please, tell me there hasn’t been *another* murder today, Tai,” she pleaded with the AI.

Hearing about what had happened when her doppelganger had put a bullet in that not-Shampoo Harley Quinn had been enough to make her feel sick. If she didn’t have so much to do at the Mansion, she’d probably already be in Indiana.

“Fortunately, no,” Tai answered. “However, I do believe I’ve discovered how the killer is locating targets who can be mistaken for your own foes.”

Mari brightened at once. Finally, something was going right!

“You have?”

“Indeed,” Tai asked. “The whereabouts of both Tatsuta Quinn and Sarai Kurosawa were stored in only one database that I was able to detect. That database being the one maintained by the ISA program known as Northern Lights.”

Mari had heard about the Northern Lights before. Prior to finding themselves in the Core Timeline, the program had used the mass surveillance AI known as The Machine to find people who were likely to become criminals and threats to national security.

Of course, once they were in the Core Timeline, well, there were so many people who already were criminals that worrying about potential bad guys was just silly. The Northern Lights program was now dedicated to trying to keep track of the multiple super villains and master crooks currently at large.

“Fantastic,” Mari grinned. “We can send this information to the Infinite Avengers, and—”

“There is one other matter, Mari,” Tai interrupted her gently.

She felt her sense of relief suddenly starting to fade. “What is it?” she asked, dreading the answer.

“There is an entry within the Northern Lights database that states a super villain who may or may not be Clayface Shinji of the Joker R Gang has been spotted in Indiana,” Tai answered. “The time stamp states it has been there for several days, but in actuality it has been added a few hours ago at the most.”

“You mean somebody planted it there?” Mari asked.

“Indeed,” Tai confirmed. “I did some further investigation, and it seems like the source of the entry and the doctored time stamp was a standard EVA AI in the Indianapolis Champions headquarters.”

“Oh, those idiots,” Mari hissed, rubbing her forehead.

They were setting a trap, it was the only explanation. The only problem was the Champions working the case had those pesky Kryptonite Factors. If her doppelganger knew enough of her moves, she would kill them.

/And then I’ll get framed for that, too!/ She realized with growing alarm.

If the Champions members here believed she’d killed two of their own in Indiana, there was nothing she’d be able to do to convince them she was innocent. She’d either have to surrender herself or allow an all out battle between them and her own team to erupt.

Clearly, she couldn’t let that happen. It looked like she’d need to save the Indianapolis Champions from themselves, too, she thought with annoyance.

“Tai, where does this new entry put Clayface Shinji?” she asked, memorizing the answer the AI gave her in response. “Thanks, Tai. Mari, out.”

With that, she pocketed her card again, then stood up straight, quickly performing a series of elaborate hand movements. The moment she was done, there was a great *poof!* and suddenly there was a perfect shadow clone of herself standing in the bathroom with her.

/Rather nice of Uncle Steve to detail exactly how I could sneak out of here and get to where I need to go without anyone noticing./ She thought as she activated her suit’s stealth function. /Now to see if I can find a Ferengi merchant willing to give me a demonstration of the transporters he’s hawking./


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 11:39 PM

Art Status




  • Sketches - 1$

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  • With BG - 20$

Before going ahead, I thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday. There were some issues, but those wishes did (thankfully) become true.

Not much happened, really: dinner at Johnny Rocket's with my family, some clothes. Anything else I will need to procure for myself afterwards (well, somehow). Not really looking for much-probably a couple of graphic novels.


On that end, the time has come to start a new Challenge Jam for the Coreline setting.

-"NO HOLDS BARRED": Deadline is Midnight, September 30th. This Challenge is simple: the story needs to include a "no holds barred" fight sequence between two or more characters. Absolutely no restrictions-fanservice, roughness, characters walking away with a lot of broken bones or even fatalities ("Disney" or otherwise) is allowed.

Could just be a misunderstanding or a spar that went way too much out of hand, could be the characters being part of any of the various fighting tournaments around the world/galaxy/multiverse, could be a mission that ends with he characters exchanging fisticuffs with the bad guy in a very climactic fashion... could be anything. The Core Timeline provides for all kinds of situations.

As usual, the winners will obtain the following:
-FIRST PRIZE: Three art requests.
-SECOND PRIZE: Two art requests.
-THIRD PRIZE: One art request.

Good hunting, gentlemen.

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1 deviant said Down The Mean Streets Of Maine (Players vs. King and Lovecraft horrors).
1 deviant said Other Ideas (if you wanna toss any).
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No deviants said Brave New Death (Players vs. Slashers (like Jason Voorhees, Freddy, etc).



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